May 2, 2004
"Idol" like politics

Petition to open Pop Idol contests to all ages. Sign if it interests you.

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Apr 14, 2004
April 14 - Certainly no clowns, but there was something fishy...

    I'm calling in for my four favorites for the night and only two lines are busy.
    One of the busy lines belongs to George.
    That worries me, because honestly (I know, I'm a hypocrite), this was probably his weakest night. He doesn't deserve my powerdialing. So I'm sharing the love with Fantasia, LaToya (whose line is busy, whew), and Jennifer.
    Quickly, the best performance of the night without a doubt was Fantasia's. It was theatrical, it was oozing with emotion and passion, and thus, it was perfect for movie night. The worst performance, well, I don't know this week. They were all pretty good.
    Quentin Tarantino (yeah, I'm sure I spelled all of that incorrectly  : X  ) was one of my favorite guest judges, except I disagreed about JPL and Jasmine, but, y'know... He's right up there with Gladys Knight for me, as guest judges.
    What was with everyone singing slow songs today?? And everyone's love for animated films, I wonder if that's a publicity stunt... Bah.
    Who do I think is leaving tomorrow? I'm not sure. Diana or Jasmine, maybe, and I'm really hoping it's Jasmine.
Okay, I'm going to try and shorten these specific commentaries AND post them one at a time (editing entries, not starting new ones), but, well, I'm not promising anything.
Remember to vote for your favorite performance's performer, or someone great might just be gone! Dial
and then your pick's contestant number (0-x, the two-digit number before the contestant name below)
01  George Huff He was at an odd set of pitches. That is, I think he went down an octave lower than usual (except, of course, in the end), and the last time I'd heard that song was actually Corey Clark on "Idol" (aren't I a freak?), so I had something quite different to compare it to. I was hoping I was just slightly deafer from the concert last night, but I figured from the judges' comments that it was true--George was weak tonight. It was so sad seeing his face fall apart after Simon's words... I do, honestly, agree with then, I'm sorry to say. It had a rough start (Randy), it was George's weakest performance (Simon). I didn't agree with our guest judge though. To be honest, it doesn't seem to get better each week, to me. His talent level is pretty stable.
02  Jennifer Hudson That was one risky song choice! She, as usual, put on some bizarre faces and did a few of those iffy thatrics. It had a rough start, rushy ending to me, but the creamy filling was oh so smooth. She's finally getting better. This is reminding me of K-Lo, last season's Kimberley Locke.

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Quick AI update

FYI: "American Idol" is tonight at 8/7 central. Voting will be after the show, first time this week. Results will be on same time tomorrow.

My report of the Independent Tour will come tomorrow or something. I had it typed up--and then my computer bugged out on my and, long story short, deleted it. Piece of crap.

Still, if anyone wants to guest review for an added opinion tomorrow, e-mail I don't NEED it now, but if you want to for fun, you're absolutely welcome.

Thanks y'all.

Peace, Love, and Soymilk,
The iEye
"Erase this race to cyberspace."

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Apr 12, 2004

Hey, y'all, does anyone want to do the reviews this week, because I'm going to the Independent Tour in Denver tomorrow (ground seating!) and won't be able to watch the show. I might not even be able to tape it. So if anyone would like to do a guest appearance, just e-mail me at EEk a ASAP and I'll try to get back to you.
If you find no guest entry tomorrow or Wednesday and reeeeally want an opinion or a summary, check out!
--The iEye
"It's time for some new glasses!"

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Apr 7, 2004
Goodbye yellow-brick road, goodbye Camile

    Two things went wrong today on "American Idol." Two things that shouldn't have happened happened.
1.) Jasmine Trias wasn't voted off
2.) John Stevens was shown with a purple mohawk
    Agh! Thank goodness that thing was a wig!
    Actually, I don't entirely mind that Camile Velasco was voted off instead of Jasmine. Cor, especially after her singing/wailing like that...  : X
    Funny, Jasmine did worse tonight than last night. Typically, it gets better, but tonight, she sounded quite screamy. Her dip into the bottom 3 that I think about it, I should have seen that. I understand it. Those were possibly her worst comments ever, while not so bad, and I have yet to see a large Jasmine fan base. Well, at least outside of her family. Yep, they're definitely part Filipino. I kind of think she might leave next week, and I actually hope so. She seems to sing the same kinds of songs every week, the same way... She doesn't seem to be taking enough risks, that is. My other issue with her is that her voice isn't And she's a little too cutesy sometimes. *shrugs* Jolina Magdangal. That's who comes to mind for my 'rents. It's a good point. I do, however, think it's strong, a good voice, and I love her wardrobe.  ; P
    The top 3 was perfect. *snaps finger and thumb into thumbs up*
    I love the whole three-group concept.
    Hum, interesting how Tamyra Gray gets these Fox acting gigs ("Boston Public," "Tru Calling") during "American Idol" season. I'm just happy she's back. And I love that song she wrote. Whoo! I think I just might buy a CD for the first time in...okay, two months, but before that it was a year... Man! Tamyra! She's just dynamic! I'm so glad she finally appeared out of the abyss...
    Job well done, Idol-ites. We're now minus one wailing cat from the "Idol" finalists. Now what do you think we should do with the puppy with the droopy eyes?
--The iEye
  "Old brick roads obviously don't take rejection well."

PS: Never did finish the "Everything I Love and Hate" Version One, did I? I'll do it when I have time. I was doing that over spring break.
PPS: reports that next week might be movies week. Hmm... This should be fun...

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Apr 6, 2004
Thank you, George, for saving us from John and Camile right in a row...

    Let's just give a quick, quick rundown. I'm probably not even going to mention everybody.
    Not in order of performances
John Stevens You knew he was coming first... A frightening performance. Actually, not as bad as I expected, however. You could tell he was getting really into it and having fun, which is great, and his voice is really getting stronger and stronger each week. Stronger as in powerful, like "boom," lol. He pulled a lot of creepy Clay faces, though. It reminded me of Aiken's performance of "Grease," and the singing was just as ghastly. (Sorry, my Claymates, that was a hot jacket and hot red shoes, but the faces and the twang...well anyways, these are season three reviews...) The "laaaaalalalalala"s were just plain weird, but I guess they've always been very creepy for me...just not as much. Props for trying something new, though! And honestly, I think that Will Hung is more of the musical equivalent of Ed Wood. Or Keith. Or even Alan Ritchson (is that right? I tried to forget him...)
George Huff The guy is consistently butt-kicking. He has never had a boom-praised performance. I have no idea why it took a DUI and a Wild Card call to get him into the Top 12. He has really made it all worth it. Thank you, Donnie Williams, for your irresponsibility! Ah, kidding. No one should ever get praised for actions like those. Back to George Huff, though, he did fantastically. I had never heard of "Take Me to the Pilot," but the way he sang it, it wasn't just all of America knowing it after that performance, but I felt like I already did.
Diana DeGarmo A rare case indeed. Has the girl ever sung any slow, teary-eyed songs? Well, anyways, she did fabulously, especially for tonsilitis. I couldn't even tell! I really loved her performance. I love how the Idols went to play in the audience tonight, but I think that if they're going to do that, maybe they should interact with the audience more. Well, I love the "gimme five!"s and Fantasia serenading that old man, but Diana had a few issues with eye contact. She did very well, but I'd like to hear some drawn out, emotional, passionate songs from her. I still give her the prize for the night for doing so well with tonsilitis. Tonsiltastic!
Jon Peter Lewis I think the pen has run out of ink. *shrugs* Sorry. The guy's a cutie, an entertaining performer, and he has a good voice, but he hasn't been very strong lately, and he hasn't yet mastered the mechanics of singing--or maybe just being on the right pitch. Voice lessons though? I don't know. That's a little too harsh.
Jasmine Trias Was it Simon who said she stopped improving? Whoever it was, very, very true. That's exactly it. That's exactly it. I want to hear some more fast, energetic songs from Jasmine. She seems to always sing the same kinds of slow and desperate songs.
Camile Velasco How could I forget? Well, simply put, she sounded like a cat. Last week LaToya's hair looked like a cat, this week, Camile sounds like one. The part in the chorus where you just kind of musically wail three tones...wasn't musical. *shrugs* Sad.
Fantasia Barrino Fantastic. I love how she started offstage. That was great. And she got to inject at least a bit of humor into it. Lovely. I'm getting a little sick of her ego/attitude though.
Jennifer Hudson How could I almost forget?! She was dynamic. That was the perfect song for her. She has a big voice. I think that's the only reason why it's hard to understand her when she sings--my biggest problem with her. "Circle of Life" is a big song. She sang it in a very big, very effective, very passionate, and very excellent way.
LaToya London Not her best performance, but still very good. It was LaToya Lacking, which means it's still average or better for most of the top 32 anyway.
Prediction: After last week, I don't know who to expect in the bottom three tomorrow. Not a clue. Or, not much of one. But...I think Camile is going to be voted off. I doubt Diana will be in the bottom three. Not JPL or John because of their huge fanbases. JPL's is obvious, they come in swarms!, but John Stevens, didn't see that coming. Notice though, he has never had any threats to his safety, except for judges comments and the whiners who do speak out. That might sound like a lot, but he got to the top 32 without some guy getting a DUI first, he didn't have to get to the Wild Card, he has never been in the bottom three... George. Yeah right! Jennifer...maybe, but probably not. She gets the swing voters, heh. (Another way "American Idol" is like politics!) She gets the voters who vote based on currrent performance, which I think is mostly pretty wise. LaToya, not after last week's threat! We all know she's one of the best, but she has many of the same fans as the people who powerdial for George and Fantasia. America has a tendency to forget about the people whom they know kick butt, but don't show enough personality and ego to have haters. Tamyra, for instance, is probably the biggest example--probably the first time "Idol" goers used the boo. Trenyce. Ruben Studdard, even, once! That's probably what had her drop. America also has a tendency to take the rebound and powerdial the next week, no matter what, if a favorite has been in the bottom three. Anyways, so not Diana, not John, not Jon, not LaToya, not George, probably not Jennifer. I guess that leaves us with Camile, Jasmine, and Fantasia. Hm...Fantasia does have haters. I just don't see it though. Somehow, I don't see her in the bottom three. She has been pretty safe. Jasmine--I don't know about her. I'm not sure...  
    This could be a very interesting "Idol" week. And in a good way, UNLIKE LAST WEEK!
    Okay, maybe that wasn't a quick, quick rundown, but, there you go.
--The iEye
  "Is the flower on the right side this week?! Or is the taken side the left? Wait..."

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Mar 30, 2004
Everything I Love and Hate About the AI3 Top Ten, Part II: Amy and Diana

     I'm always lookin' for more fan sites, so if you have a fan site for ANY of the "Idol" season three Top Ten-ers, I'll be more than willing to link whatever you have (yours or someone else's) on their listing. E-mail the URL to, please. Thanks!  : D

Everything I Love and Hate


Amy Adams and Diana DeGarmo

Amy Adams iEye's nonsensical nickname: Pinkette, Gnatless, Bent Bubbles...
     What I Love:
She has a tolerably outgoing personality
She's funny
She can really "make a song her own" (her top 32 performance especially comes to mind)
Albeit I've never really liked that style of music, but the girl can totally sing upbeat country!
She just...performs well. She's nice to watch. Like, she doesn't make freaky faces, she walks around and gets active with the audience...
Her weaker performances are still good and, whew, audible...
She seems so...down-to-earth
     What I Don't Like:
Well, I don't really dislike it, but I think it's kind of odd how in her bio clip she seemed all bubbly and goofy, and even just when she speaks and not in those bio clips she seems like that, and then most of the songs she sang were slow, typical AI sorts of songs...
She's just a tinge like Vanessa Olivarez--the bubbly personality, the pink hair--but just a tinge.
You know, I was just about ready to put "sings too many 'safe' songs" under What I Don't Like, but I realized that, even though she does, she twists up the songs enough to make them original, and...well...not safe.

Diana DeGarmo iEye's nonsensical nickname: The Snellville (Wind-Up) Doll
     What I Love:
Strong singing voice
Seems to be versatile
Fun, outgoing personality
Every performance seems to have been flawless
She is like a doll!
     What I Don't Like:
I agree with Simon: It's almost like she was bred on some sort of "pop farm"
Her voice is too normal for me. Actually, the whole of her is a little typical.
She has no real niche, other than the fact that she's sixteen
No one in specific who really jumps out... Although, now that I think about it, a little bit like Carmen, only I like the way Diana sings, and kind of like Julia DeMato with more confidence.

If you're rootin' for LaToya or John this year and you have a John or LaToya fan site, make sure to e-mail your site's link ASAP (or, well, by tomorrow) to get it in the first "publication" of this list. Thanks!

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Mar 29, 2004
Everything I Love and Hate About the AI3 Top 10: Part I

     This is part one of five--two contestants at a time, in no specific order. Even if someone gets kicked off before I can put their info up, I'll still put my little list up.
     If anyone else has any contestant fan sites or fan listings, I'll be more than glad to link them (I'll update this entry for you, if I need to ; )  ). I just kind of did a quick rundown based on my immediate knowledge.

Everything I Love and Hate


Jon Peter Lewis and Camile Velasco

Jon Peter Lewis iEye's nonsensical nickname: Pen-Sexy Potato Pancake Boy
     What I Love (the most...):
He's a cutie he is all right!
He has lots of good energy (at least when he sings) and is goofy
He's vocally versatile--as far as style goes AND range--and does each different style fabulously
He has an interesting interests--plant-lovers rock
He's daring
He has this bizarre, intriguing chirp sort of thing in his voice...
He didn't take any offense to the pen salesman comment
He seems so down-to-earth
Any man who can sing "Fame" with such passion and seriousness while wearing a banana suit gets my respect in an instant...
     What I Don't Like:
He's an...interesting dancer
He has an obsessive, crush-smitten following who will vote for him even if he completely sucks one night, and I've never liked those
He's a bit like Clay Aiken, only, honestly, as much as I love Clay, JPL is a little more all around and more versatile. I pretty much did a whole entry on that, so I won't go off on that again...
     Sites: <---there's definitely a reason why I put this one first <---not sure if that's the right one, and not sure if it's still working since idolfan doesn't work for me... <---actually, this is mine, and undeveloped, but it'd be nice if you checked it out
JPL seems to be the omni-lookalike. lol. First time my brother saw him (which was only last week), he was like, "Dude, he looks like Jim Carey..." I've always thought that from a certain angle he looked like Rob Thomas... *shrugs*

Camile Velasco iEye's nonsensical nickname: I don't call her anything...I just kinda wave around my wrist (clad with a wristband, natch) when she comes on
     What I Love:
Pinay power y'all!
She has an original voice, which is probably capable of different styles
She's simply not the same as everyone else. That is, she's not the attention-hungry, super-confident, stereotypical performer.
     What I Don't Like:
The judges keep supporting her and comparing her to Lauryn Hill but...almost every time they've brought it up, it was because she DIDN'T followthrough with that...
The nerves are getting to her
I'm only blindly predicting her elimination this week because she reminds me of Jula DeMato. Very confident, powerful singer in the first few rounds, but once she had to do it in front of an audience (and it crept in sooner for Camile probably because of the new Top 32 format), the nerves took over, taking her to the bottom three both of the Top 12 performance weeks so far. She was so stiff the first time around, like Julia, but has gotten better. Will she almost-completely lose them this week? That's my guess. But like with Julia, America may have already made up its mind...
coming soon
Yeah, she cries a lot, which can be annoying,'s human. I mean, being on "American Idol" is a dream for thousands. Making it that far is unimaginable to many. I can understand the crying. It's justified... Even celebrities aren't soulless...

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Mar 27, 2004
Do you really care?

     You guys, I'm doing this in between Destination ImagiNation and more Destination ImagiNation, so this isn't really going to be specific. I'm not sure if I'm even going to really do those anymore.

  1. John Stevens is not going to rise to the top like Clay Aiken
  2. America shouldn't pick another star by fanbase
     I realized, two weeks ago, sorry, the biggest difference between John Stevens and Clay Aiken as far as "American Idol" goes. Simon has pointed out many similarities, and I've caught a few others. There's the mostly-female fanbase with the amazingly diverse age range. There's the "love him or hate him" factor. John Stevens and Clay Aiken both had unique voices, and both were said to only be able to handle one genre of music (a non-modern pop type for both), and both tried to stick to those genres but have learned to vary upon the pleading of the judges... Clay rode his way to second place, and has certainly succeeded after "American Idol." Can John Stevens?
     Sorry, but, nah.
     While I don't at all doubt his talent, and while I do like John Stevens's original tone, Clay also had an extra, what, eight years of experience under his belt? They let John Stevens in this far into the competition too quickly. He would be fabulous with more experience and more training, but now that he's made it this far...he probably can't try again (rules? audience taunting?). The even bigger difference between Aiken and Stevens is energy. Clay Aiken had confidence when he danced, he had more energy when he sang.
     Unfortunately, though, even if people see John Stevens as the next Clay, will America really vote in the same type of person they did last year? Albeit Clay Aiken didn't win, but he's certainly doing better on the charts, on the radio, in record sales... Even the show has been giving him more attention. Ruben only came in to sing for members of the top 32. Clay came in to sing and gab with the top 12. Clay fans might not be satisfied, and, with push from Simon Cowell, regarded John Stevens as their new idol. But no one can actually BE Clay except for Clay. Using John Stevens as a symbol for Clay is almost like trying to replace him, which must be sinful in Aiken-ism. Voting for John Stevens based on potential this far in the game is just unwise. If you think he performs fabulously and has a great voice (which, despite his forgetting of the song lyrics, I thought was true on Tuesday), vote for him. But...if you think he deserves to be in the top 10 of over 70,000 just because he could...shouldn't the guy who sang "Premonition" and pulled yea-sayers off of the beach to meet Simon be this far as well?
     I like John Stevens, sure, but could he make it as far as Clay? Maybe... Should he? I doubt it...

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Mar 20, 2004
Be an informed voter! No, seriously.

     I'll do it...I'll do it...
     Okay you guys, I know you're going to say it--I'm taking this too seriously, but I have an "American Idol" pet peeve.
     To me, this show is like politics. I'm only thirteen (as of last Tuesday, woot woot!), and I consider myself a politically-informed kid, a pretty world-aware early teenager (*shudders at the "t" word*), and I think I'd make a better voter than some of the folks who do. I can't excercise that right for another five years. Actually, six unless there's a special election. Anyways, "American Idol" is a place for me to exercise a freedom to vote without actually contributing much good to the country. I still like to think it out, though, in case you didn't notice. So, even though my favorites are definitely Jon Peter Lewis, George Huff, LaToya London, and (although I'm wondering a bit now...) Amy Adams, I have still made it a point to vote for other contestants whom, in my opinion, did well throughout the competition.
     Here's what pisses me off: People who don't even watch "American Idol," but have watched it before, picked their favorites, and found websites where their favorites' voting numbers are posted. So essentially, if someone thought Nikki McKibbin was hot two years ago, all that person had to do was go online, search for her, and start power-dialin'...without even turning on the TV!
     Please don't be like that. If you pick favorites, even if you watch the show, you'll know when the object of your affection has an off day. Have integrity. Don't vote for this person. Or, vote for some of the better performers of the night too. Or, at least, vote less ferrociously (sp?).
     Even if you don't do it for integrity, do it for the sake of our favorite show's ratings. I know the group is quite mixed and very talented this year, but give it a couple more episodes and things could get very predictable. Last year, we all knew who would be in the top two--Ruben and Clay. Ruben only sank to the bottom two once (and I still believe it's because people slacked off 'cause they figured everyone else would be voting for him). Clay never did. While there were a few outrageous comebacks (K-Lo, Kimberley Locke, for example), and a few unexpected drops (Trenyce, Tamyra in season one), do whatever you can to make the show good. Make in unpredictable, give it some more integrity, just make the show better.
     That's my shpeel for today.
--The iEye
  "I can see the sunlight better with shades on..."

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